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Kelowna Art Book Launches

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

November 28, 2023

Photography by Darren Hull

Kelowna Art Book Launches: Celebrating the vibrancy of the local Kelowna arts and raising funds for youth arts programming on Giving Tuesday


The inaugural Kelowna Art Book announces its launch this Giving Tuesday to raise funds and awareness for youth arts programming at the Kelowna Art Gallery. The book is a unique and captivating compilation that showcases the talent and artistry of more than 30 Kelowna-based artists.


“Through paintings, sculptures, photography, immersive art, AI generated works, video, and mixed media, this vibrant compilation exemplifies the richness and diversity of artistic expression thriving in Kelowna,” said Sarah Rambold, creator and publisher of the Kelowna Art Book. “It truly is a testament to the creative pulse vibrating through the city, and aims to capture this spirit for art enthusiasts, tourists, and locals alike.”


Releasing on November 28th on Giving Tuesday, all proceeds from sales from the book will be donated to youth arts programming at the Kelowna Art Gallery. Giving Tuesday is a global movement unleashing the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and the world.


“The Kelowna Art Gallery is thrilled to be the recipient of proceeds from sales of the Kelowna Art Book,” said Nataley Nagy, Executive Director of the Kelowna Art Gallery. “This publication represents a collaborative effort between the artists, who have poured their passion into their respective areas of work, and the community that has embraced and supported their artistic journey.”


Featured artists include Gary Pearson, Briar Craig, Jorden & David Doody, Laurie Koss, Lee Claremont, Mary Smith McCulloch, Tyler Keeton Robbins, Sheldon Louis, Moozhan Ahmadzadegan, and more.


“We have incredible artistic talent in the Kelowna region, and I’m extremely proud to share this inspiring body of work,” said Rambold. “Works contained by local artists in this book have been featured by corporate powerhouses such as Starbucks and Disney, as well as by local personalities and brands including Jillian Harris and Okanagan Lifestyle – exemplifying the flourishing and impactful artistic community in our city, as well as its entrepreneurial spirit.”


Featuring more than 150 pages, Kelowna Art Book will be available for purchase starting November 28, 2023, at various locations including the Kelowna Art Gallery, as well as online at


The community is invited to view and purchase the book at the Kelowna Art Gallery on Thursday, November 30th from 5pm–7pm. Free admission is provided to all guests to view current exhibitions as part of FREE Thursdays at the Kelowna Art Gallery.

About Kelowna Art Book:


Kelowna Art Book is a celebration of the vibrant arts scene in Kelowna, Canada. Showcasing the talent of more than 30 local artists through various mediums, the book serves as a testament to the region's thriving artistic community.


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